On Investor Plan. Not receiving emails (code reviews, newsletters) since February

I have been on the Investor plan since November.

Up until the end of February I was receiving all the emails that come with the investor plan (newsletter, code reviews, etc) However since March I stopped receiving all the weekly emails.

I have been in contact with support through this time, trying to work out the problem but nothing has been solved. I am still not receiving any of the weekly emails and it has now been a full month and a half. It has also been 10 days (April 8) since I last heard from anyone from support.

As a paying customer I feel this is totally unacceptable and I want to make sure @diaryofamademan has eyes on this because I feel like there has been no progress in finding a solution

Hopefully something can be done because I do indeed believe in Token Metrics but as a client, this needs to be taken seriously

I have had a similar problem since beginning of March. Very Frustrating. Please fix.

If you are unhappy with the services, leave the group. Ask for a refund and cancel your future subscriptions. Nobody will miss you.

Not planning to leave because I believe in the company. Just wish this issue could be solved faster. I mean I am paying for a specific service after all

When was the last newsletter, does someone have a link please? Don’t think I’m getting them, thanks! @moderators

I really hope you are aware of this. You always talk about how you want the best value for your clients but paying members have not been receiving any emails for over 2.5 months, myself included.
Has the dev team been investigating this issue at all?
There has still not been any resolution and communication with support has not been transparent enough as to the status of this situation after being escalated to the dev team.

I was rude to you before, but honestly if it were me and I wasn’t getting what I was paying for and this crap still hadn’t been resolved all this time later, I’d begin contacting my bank/cc company for a refund unless you paid in crypto