Noob starting with ETH & ADA

First, I apologize if this post is in the wrong place. I checked around the forum, and seems I’m a noob in a place full of pros who know their craft.
So mind this very basic Topic…

I’m a total beginner in crypto. I made my own researches (which ended up taking me to Tokenmetrics) and plan to put a bit of my investments on the side for this.

I wants to start slow and hodl 2~3 currencies for at very very minimum 6 months. I’m thinking ETH (due the arrival of 2.0) and ADA (been enjoying watching it grow on GitHub)

BTC still sounds to me like the pioneer who originated from a dark web black market, and now a decade later is competing against more promising market-followers. It’s the most popular so it also sounds like a big target for future regulations.
Wrong thinking?
Again, total noob here.

Is that a sound idea for a starter? Advice welcome


Hi Ric, Welcome to Crypto!

Regulation is coming, but it will be for the whole market place, and I don’t think it’s going to be specific to Bitcoin, certainly not in the UK, it’s the exchanges that they are going to go after first, because they can’t go after the decentralised projects very easily. BUT - it’s only till some rules can be thrashed out. The UK government loves crypto, because it wants the 20% capital gains tax!

BTC essentially was the pioneer in the concept of cryptography as a value vehicle, but all of these other projects represent very different use-cases, so the thinking is eventually BTC won’t always control the market sentiment.

I think for people starting now, it’s about what you want from your investment - Bitcoin doesn’t really have much further to go, unless your investing huge amounts, even if it goes to six figures, your only x3 or there about from where you are today. Which in crypto terms - is… so what? As crazy as that sounds.

Whereas in alts, the upside potential is huge, x50, x100, x1000 x10,000 is on the table backing the projects that will be the next big thing, using the same speculative approach Bitcoin investors had in 2013/14 when one BTC was $50.

ETH is a great investment, and so is ADA, I’m a big fan of Charles and that whole Cardano ecosystem, smart contracts will be huge eventually.

My advice (for what it’s worth, not a lot!) is look at your investments over a 5 year window, price flux becomes an irrelevance then.

Good luck!

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