No stable coins in trader monthly price predictions index

Last month I remember people asking/moaning on live streams why did the Trader Monthly Price Predictions index have 5 stable coins? This month there are none in the index and there happens to have been a pullback.

I am just wondering did the tokenmetrics team change the criteria and remove all the stable coins from the index or did the AI just get it wrong. I fully understand it’s not going to be correct 100% of the time. I just find it ironic that this month there are no stable coins when they were actually needed to minimize loses.

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Hey Matthew, we changed up our monthly price predictions index to include fewer stable coins. This month, that obviously had a negative effect on returns, but in the future, it could drive returns to the moon. We are still working on finding the perfect middle ground for our indices. Even with the imperfections, they have been very successful thus far.

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Hi @ca4td

Thanks for the reply, shortly after this I watched the latest live stream and realised Ian addressed this.