New user, feedback & suggestions

hello TM

a new user here on an investor plan. I have some feedback, suggestions and issue reports.


  • not updating on time
  • monthly trader is different than monthly value investor (confusing a bit)
  • recent performance is bad - especially weekly and monthly. I think the quant grade couldn’t pick the right coins in this case
  • the indices are using coins that the Price Prediction says will go down? Such as BNB, DOT IOTA… in last Weekly Trader (confusing)
  • it is not clear what happens to the coins after they are bought on the first day of the index interval.


  • daily, weekly, monthly indices are not very good parameter. for example: a suggested coin in the index can peak in the middle of the week and then crash at the end. so an investor who followed the index might actually lose the opportunity although Token Metrics knew that coin could gain some profits.
    my suggestion is make it something like ‘‘aggressive’’ ‘‘mild’’ ‘‘patient’’ investor. rather than daily weekly etc. I believe TM already has the technicality of doing this. we can all make better use of it this way while taking profits. tell us when to take profits!!

price predictions

  • some coins have high ratings but low price predictions. (confusing)
  • I’ve noticed many coins actually predict few days a head. then the rest of the month is just a flat line in a zigzag fashion. it seems to me that the chart is just waiting for prices from few days before to predict few days ahead. rather than 30 days as claimed.
  • price predictions aren’t updated as frequent as required (i think once a day). when the market has a sudden change I immediately check TM hoping on some closure. but unfortunately it is still stuck on the last update from yesterday. my suggestion is make something like hurly updates so that we can all make use of the great TM technology.

one more suggestion. I think the UI/UX can be improved upon. its not bad but doesnt match such promising app.

apologies for the lengthy post. I hope this is taken as a constructive criticism. TM could be the low cap gem everyone is digging for if it goes right :slight_smile:

Thanks for contacting token metrics.
We apologise for the long delay.
We appreciate your suggestions and recommendations.
As of the moment the team is working hard in improving the platform.
We’ll upload new tutorial soon on how to use TM after the update.
Thanks for your patience.