New ideas to improve on Token Metrics investments strategies

The new low/high frequency strategies are very nice. Could it be possible to add somehow the evaluation of taxes (by countries) and passive yields? For instance, if I have a long term strategy with 1INCH and am staking it at 15%, the current bearish signal might be inappropriate for me who will hodl during the entire cycle.

Also, if I have a taxation on each transactions I perform, I might be forced to avoid selling at each trend reversals(?) I might also be better of selling at a loss to reduce my portfolio gain to reduce taxation(?)

Thanks for your work guys!
Keep it up :slight_smile:


I don’t work for the team, but i’ve done some computer science, and I have to say what you’re asking for is extremely complicated, because it involves understanding tax law for soooooo many countries and then applying that to AI.

Tax law, by itself, is difficult to understand and is dependant on your individual circumstances. So to then make a suggestion based on that AND charts, it’s not something I’d expect anyone to offer for the next 10 year lol.

But I love the suggestion tbh. I think I’m going to make a few myself now!

Hey there Ibrahim!

As a user, I know my tax rate and my yield rates for various positions. I would be hppy to enter them manually. That would help quite a bit to strategize.