My results so far with Cardano staking testnet

Greetings all,

Just new to Token Metrics. I’m wondering who else here also got in with the Cardano incentivized testnet v1 Rewards program. At the moment of the balance screenshot at November 29th 2019 I had 21300 ADA in my Deadalus wallet. So far earned 728 ADA over the last 5,5 months. Definitely looking forward to the Shelley release. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson is a former member of Ethereum.

Looking forward to insights of other investors in ADA.

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Thanks for this information Jasper. I actually contemplated this but held off because at that point you couldn’t use a hard wallet to stake as I can remember. That was a hard condition for me as I don’t like to send coins to other wallets which are held online.

I am looking forward to launch including hard wallet staking. And rewards looks like an everywhere 8% per year - sounds About right. I was looking more for 10% though as I would imagine not everyone will join

Your thoughts?