Monthly trader prediction index ROI reduction

Prior to this month’s most recent update to the monthly trader price prediction index, the all-time ROI was somewhere in the ballpark of about 640%. Now it shows only about 41% since the September update was applied. What happened to those “sick gains” this index was supposedly producing? Did it just get completely wrecked in August and wiped out nearly 600% of it’s gains or were those figures not accurate to begin with?

I noticed most of the other the indices ROI’s have also been significantly reduced as well.

Much thanks for your time and input!

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@TokenTicK you will see in some of the recent threads (Help understanding the ROI) discussion about disparity between the performance graphs and the Index Holdings tables. This disparity has been improved and so it appears the ROI figures have been recalculated to more closely match what occurred. Also the comparitve BTC line graph better reflects BTC’s actual movements. So, 600% wasn’t an accurate figure.

Even though many cryptos were smashed these last few days, and this affected the indices as well of course, the indices had been outperforming BTC, which is encouraging.

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