Monthly price predictions Why does the profile keep changing?

I and doing the monthly predictions and on the update it had 10 tokens that i purchased. and today i checked back at the index and all of the coins have now changed? I thought the monthly index tokens change once a month?

@haanh88 Hi Tommy, the monthly indices rolled over on 1 Sep and on 1 Aug prior to that. Next rollover is planned for 1 Oct. When did you purchase your tokens?

a day and some hours after the index was updated. Im sure the tokens have changed and that is when i bought in. and today i changed again to 10 new tokens

@haanh88 Tommy, I’m in the middle of performing my due dilligence on these indices before I decide to invest. Once of the things I am looking for is consistency of information, the other is accuracy of reported performance. I note the changes to the indices daily. I was watching the monthly indices around the advertised changover time (which was around 10-11am on 1 Sep for me). I note that the change did not occur until some hours into the day - certainly not before I went to bed that night - so possibly up to a day late. However I can confirm that there was only one change: from the Aug set of coins to the Sep set of coins as published now. Attached is my record of the coins before and after the change.


Thank you for the explanation. I am looking at your September 1 tokens and mines is different than yours. This is what I currently see now on the trader-monthly - price predictions
kava, ultra, morpheus labs, reserve rights, chromia, nervos network, numeraire, orchid, wazirx, coti
I am trying to post an image but it says I am unable to.

@haanh88 Tommy you are correct. I did not check each of the monthly indices. The Trader Monthly Price Predictions index has changed since rollover this month.

Yes that is what I bought into your sept 1 what I currently hold. But now my chart changed entirely to this here — kava, ultra, morpheus labs, reserve rights, chromia, nervos network, numeraire, orchid, wazirx, coti

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Yes I see. Perhaps you could write to and ask them why.

Thanks I will send them a message and see.


Sorry for the confusion everyone, we had an issue at the beginning of the month causing the wrong coins to be featured in certain indices. The coins were switched back to the correct coins later in the day, but not without confusion from customers. The coins will almost always stay the same for the entire duration of the portfolio unless our AI predicts the need for an “emergency rebalance,” but those are very rare.