Monthly Price Predicitons Update?

So I have this message on my dashboard :

The Trader Monthly Index will update on September 01, 2020 7:10 PM (UTC 03:10 AM)

So should I just wait till September 1st before making my monthly trades ?

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Im confuse with price prediction. When I first checked few weeks ago LINK was predicted to go down to the 14s then when i popped to 18 range the whole model changed and predicted to go to $24 range now it changed again… WHY?

Predictions are based on data. As more data comes in, the predictions change.

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That depends on each user. If it’s close to a rebalance might be good to wait.

The predictions are rolling 30 day predictions, as every day closes, that data is added to the predictions. So the predictions update daily and it’s recommended to check them every few days to see if any major change have been made to the next 30 day prediction.