Metrics Indices Seem broken

There doesn’t seem to be any new data going into the indices since the 11th October they are all flat.


@TokenMetrics please advise asap

In addition, is anyone else seeing an out of sequence Indices ranking.
i.e.-- 1,2,3,4,6,7,8… Five is missing. It seems to be random.

@TokenMetrics @diaryofamademan Guys this is not good enough! Your metrics has been broken for the last week and there has been no communication around it despite attempts to contact you.

I understand that for the last 2 months market conditions have changed and pretty much all of your calls have been wrong, but you cannot just stop providing data and wait until market conditions change (if that’s what you are doing). We pay for a subscription for your service and expect that it will at least provide data (wrong or right). Thought this might have been important to you given your recent request to raise capital. Not a good look for Token Metrics!


Hey guys, it’s Chase from the Token Metrics team. Sorry for the delayed response. We are currently having an issue with our API from coinmarketcap which is why the data isn’t updating correctly. We hope to have this resolved ASAP and I apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate you guys’ patience and are happy to have you as a part of the Token Metrics family.


Thank you @ca4td for the update. I am not sure what percentage of your users use this forum and I am not sure how many have seen this particular thread but I think it would be good if @TokenMetrics could actually send out an email or put a message on the website if there is a bug with the API so more people are aware of the issue.

I think most people will understand there will be bugs from time to time and down periods. Even sites like Binance go down for maintenance at times but the difference is they tell their users. I understand this isn’t a planned maintenance so you cannot give us a warning but if you know there’s an issue now you should tell us.

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Thanks for your understanding Matthew. We will be better for our customers in the future.