Massive Correction?

Does anyone have any predictions on a massive correction by the end of the year or is this bull run here for the next few months?

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I watch the charts every day hoping for a sign of one so I can BTFD but while I am waiting I am going to see it as giving me more time to increase my reserve over time with the TM indexes but I am also going to look at yield farming, perhaps buying some low caps using alerts, and learn a day trading strategy - something I hope will feature in the upcoming Token Metrics Academy.

I have also been looking into a good way to identify a high probability of when we reach a true low or true bottom so that we can buy then rather than just a bottom on the way down. DYOR but so far the best auto-indicator I have found (of the many tested) that would have kept investments safe from the 2017 crash, the dip in 2018, and the crash this year is the Trading View Script Parabolic SAR Buy and Sell, and it also seems to be a good indicator for when we are safely out of downturns. I have an alert set for the Sell indicator in case I miss the shift for any reason.

There are two other scripts in the screenshot which are supposed to do the same thing and although I get RSI I have not had enough time yet to understand them how when using both together you can determine a true low, unless there are only two true lows there, March 2020 and December 2018.


So it happened last night :slight_smile: I got to accumulate some more. Are you using trading view for the screenshot above?

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Nice, I am waiting for more, if it not my time so be it - I can wait to lump sum another time.

Yeah trading view, they are running a promo now too also so I am going to pick it up on Black Friday with my shiny new Token Metrics Quant grade annual investor plan - but you can use everything in that screenshot on their free account.

Those are just indicators I was looking at to try to determine if there is a bottom when there is retrace, I use mostly use others for my regular monitoring of short timeframes.