Loss of information from TM! the IEO's, Early Access and TM Top 100 tokens to Market Cap ranking!

Hi All,

I’ve lost all my IEO’s, early access and additional coins from my “Investor yearly” plan. It feels as though I’ve lost a lot of information from the TokenMetics platform. Could someone explain why this has happened as I’ve lost most of the value I was getting from this?

The TM Ranking also provided me with the TM top 100, but now it’s gone :frowning: I signed up for the TM top 100, not another view from a market cap perspective.

A bit of UX testing would have identified this, before the release on Black Friday!

Is it just me or are others facing this issue too?



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@diaryofamademan This is for you to Ian.


Hi Max, thank you for being a Token Metrics customer.

We are shifting away from IEOs as they cannot be evaluated using Quantitative Metrics. For IEOs we will be emailing Code Reviews via the newsletter.

We will be expanding the number of coins available on the platform next month for all plans, so stay tuned for a major announcement. :smile:

Hi @diaryofamademan,

I’m looking forward to expanding the number of coins on offer, especially as I feel as though I’ve lost so much. It would be great to understand what will be offered (being one of your post change customers).

Regarding the IEO’s, I’m not sure about others, but I’ve always got a preference for seeing this information on a site where it could be kept up to date. Newsletters are not something I regularly follow, as with the number of emails I receive daily, this type of information gets lost and stale fast. Having a dedicated area on TM makes much more sense.

Thanks again,


Hi @diaryofamademan, @azeem or admins,

Any updates on this, as I’m feeling a little let down that the parts of the platform I used most have gone. Early access and IEO’s still not there, and the number of coins is not either. I’ve invested using the platform and have been left to “do it myself” after the information has vanished. It’s been a month now, and it would be great to understand what’s happening or alternatives.




Hi @diaryofamademan

I’ve now had a further reduction to the coins I can access, not ones marked clearly in the top 100 don’t show up. An example of this would be Swipe, Compound and Rights Reserved

which all show the above screens asking me to upgrade to see these.



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I’m running into the same issue, I’m sure they are working on this, however I think the release date should have been pushed back with all of the issues this is having. I’d be much more understanding if this was a one time purchase, but the fact that this is a monthly subscription bothers me because the value we are getting for the first month is going to be less than when they refine the software in the coming months. I’m going to try and be as patient as possible and hopefully they fix these issues. I’m currently missing about 30 coins from the top 100 even though I’ve paid to have them. So I feel your frustration man

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@admins @diaryofamademan Clearly I’m not alone on this. Thanks for the acknowledgement @clrusso21.

It’s not helpful when support comes back with this;
Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 10.35.03
Then just look to close the ticket.

Could I ask what’s happening to resolve these issues? It’s now over a month since I raised my original concerns and as a customer, I don’t feel as though I’m being heard on any of the supporting forums.

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Yes just to confirm, I’m 100% sure missing several coins from the top 100. My ticket response was roughly “some of the coins are still being graded”. But the problem goes deeper than that, the market cap ranking column is completely out of order and is missing coins like polkadot and crypto.com for example which I’m both interested in. But it’s including shit coins like groestlcoin in the top 100 and listing it as #44? There are a lot of bugs to fix. I think the forum needs to be more involved so we can all help token metrics become more solid

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@clrusso21 I agree with you!

@admins @diaryofamademan What tools are being used to track the issues? Do we know if our issues have been assigned to a developer? Have they been reviewed, estimated, and assigned to a sprint? What priority are our issues taking over the current future enhancements? Is there a prioritisation list of issues vs enhancements, so we indicate wherein Q1 and pinpoint this? As if the shoe was on the other foot and I said: “I’d like my service to continue, but I will pay sometime in Q1 or Q2…” I’m sure that wouldn’t be allowed. One month has already passed.

If you require UAT, let us know, I will be happy living with pieces of the puzzle missing on a beta system, but while we are paying customers on the live platform, it would be good to understand this better.

If this was any other service or utility, I’m sure compensation would be part of the conversation by now. There are Dev within our community here who would be willing to help. Just provide us with some more clarity on what happening, as I feel our support messages go nowhere.

I feel like they are not putting enough time into developing this, not much has changed in 3 weeks and to me that’s not acceptable. I think that’s a great idea for them to make visible open ticket items to us that they’re working on and maybe a little progress bar next to it, wouldn’t be difficult to implement and it would give some transparency that would be extremely valuable to us. A beta label would be useful as well. Great conversation Max

Just to reiterate I am very trusting that they will fix this in the future, I don’t want to make it sound like I think we’re being scammed or something, but I just think we’re right in the beginning-middle of this bull market and we’re paying for a tool that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, which is disappointing

@clrusso21 @diaryofamademan I second these sentiments with being a customer since June/July.

Again support are just providing the following;
Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 11.38.31

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This was a good update. Looks like they’re at work, we’ll just have to be patient

This sounds like good stuff, but does that mean we take the hit without clarity? three months is a long time in crypto. Happy to work with TM if they’re happy to work with us, their customers.

Still awaiting a response from @admins TM.

Exactly Exactly - I agree fully to the dialog you and Max are having

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@admins @diaryofamademan Hi All, it seems to have gone quiet and there are no additional coins, the IEO’s are not on the central view and there are still offerings missing from the information we should be able to see.

Are there any updates around this?

I have noticed the same and agree. I just counted and there is 36 coins missing from top 100 list (example polkadot and crypto com which were mentioned above). After quant grade update, the service has been almost worth of zero. A lot of information is missing and feels like quant grades are randomly generated without logic. And this situation has last too long already. How token metrics is going to compensate current paying customers?

There is another research tool which gives better results with lower price so you really need to step up if you want to keep customers to renew their subrcriptions. You really need faster responce to fix problems and better customer service. Don’t bring updates that doesn’t work or lowers the value. Customers are paying big bucks so they should get good service and working platform but it doesn’t give any value right now. You should focus to solve current problems fast and not overlook current customers.

@admins @azeem @diaryofamademan

Are there any updates on this? @admins @azeem @diaryofamademan I hear you say it’s coming, and then you mention TM TV and other items for TM 2.0, but all I’m after is a full list (no missing coins) and the additional coins with the correct metrics around this? This isn’t a priority to TM. You made your announcement and mentioned the increase in coins, then nothing.

I’d say this is required as some of us joined before having terms and conditions changed. I brought in to see the IEO’s, Early Access, and even the Robo-Advisor/investor mentioned back then. This is not what we expected. Do you have any support staff there? Does anyone hear what we are saying? Is anything actually being done? When we could really utilize the platform and make some significant gains within the market, no one in TM seems to care.

As I expected more from Ian, the TM team, and the service being provided, I’m quite disappointed. I spent time encouraging others to join. :expressionless: well, another lesson learned. Since Friday the 27th of November till now, only one response from TM was Ian. Where’s the rest of the team, and where are the updates?

@diaryofamademan @azeem @admins

Hi All,

I’ve been waiting, is there any news on this?