Limit on coin metrix?

Now Im a litle dissapointment in this Coin metric here.
I mtryed to check up some low cap gems I had planing to buy, and when i find them I cant see the info.
I have to upgrade? I just payed about 1000 bucks for my memberchip.
Is that all this Bitcoin family are about sucking people dry one way or another.
Atleast for me its not a posibility to pay 300 dollars a mont, not before I eventualy can earn some money in this game.

I wish I knew what I now know… That I should had my bitcoins on my hardwere wallet and never ever started to chase the money…
But Easier said then done… Im cilling my Bitcoin softly every time I Fomo around trying to do something right…
Not enough with my fomoing style, Im sure Coinbase are adjusting what ever I should have gained on the exchanges… In fee or in late corrections of volum and price.

I know I cant complain, but I can say what I feel about that every seems to want my cash. One way or another…
This way Bitcoin stands probaly for more broke people than milioners.
But after all its me who who did the deed my self.
A years membership kost me a half months sallery, The rest went to trade…
Shot me in the head, not the legg.