Leverage, bullrun and "shitcoins" :D

Hello ! I have 3 questions for you:
1-Do you think crypto users/fans should boycott leverage platforms? I think it’s one of the biggest issue facing the bullrun 'cause these platforms try always to liquidate open trades !!!
2-What do you think about vechain? (Jim Breyer, CEO and founder of investment and venture firm Breyer Capital, has removed Ethereum (ETH) from his investment portfolio and still has vechain) Crazy move no?
3- What do you think about Zil? Staking is scheduled for Q2

These are all very heavy questions that require a thorough answer. Unfortunately, mine will be brief.

1- Leverage trading is here to stay imo. It’s a function of our current legacy markets ppl won’t want to get rid. If fact, I think there will be far more functions like this in a decentralized market then there are in the tradition stock market.

2- I like VeChain and Thor, and believe it will thrive in years to come. However, I would not remove ETH from my portfolio and may never. I’d suggest you do you own research and stick to your own game plan.

3- I like Zil as well. I think they’ll be around but unsure - as I am with all crypto - how much of the market they’ll occupy. Staking imo, is a plus for the investment and the protocol. Especially if they succeed. There lies the risk.

Not sure this helps any…