Investing Approach for Crypto

Hello everyone,

I started reading Insider Buy Superstocks from Jesse Stine over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been finding some of the things he mentions in there quite useful when it comes to research and investigation.

I wanted to know if there are any resources/books or courses you recommend in order to become savvier when it comes to crypto investing.



Hi agarbre AG,

I’m not sure about many books. I remember Ian giving advice on Digital Gold. I think its good to follow the news as much of it affects the price and marketcap. It helps to understand why the market is moving the way it is and what to predict next. Some people look into the mining portion of it studying the hashrates and miners. I have learned to ride the waves and study the market over the past two years and have become comfortable with the lingo and the majors players. :rocket:

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From what I’ve seen, everything in speculative markets revolves around waves and cycles of human emotion. Dollar cost averaging in on good projects will probably be better than timing the markets.

I’ll try to reply later on with some interesting books and videos about this.
In the meantime, don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but here is a famous chart that illustrates the psychology of a market cycle. It can be used similarly to represent the Crypto space as well:


@mhodl Thanks for bringing a lot for the community. I’m glad to see this. I believe in dollar cost average than timing because no one knows whats the bottom. On the flip side dollar cost averaging on bad projects will make you loose everything.

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Here are some investment books I like. They’re not crypto related but the concepts carry over.

The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks
Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks
The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
The Intelligent Asset Allocator by William Bernstein


great picks, I’ll pick up these books myself

Thank all, amazing feedback!
I’ve been reading Trading in the Zone also, but I like the approach of Stine much better.

I agree with mhodl, dollar cost averaging into projects you have researched & learned about on your own is probably the best way. But if you’re interested in some books, here some choices to read while on quarantine. Ian Balina’s E-book, Bitcoin & Black America (just google it & purchase from website), 21 lessons, How to Day Trade for a living(about stonks, but relative).


I would add - also more for concepts:

  • a liars poker (Michael Lewis)
  • the little book of investing (by Bogle - famous for index investing)
  • One up on Wall Street (for skills building, by Peter Lynch)

Here is my version of that chart!


:laughing: I like it. Will be true to the majority that didn’t get in

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Thank you @diaryofamademan for sharing over with us.

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