Investing $2000 in crypto & Other online money making ideas

I’m looking to increase the amount of capital I have to invest as I am trying to make my long journey from $2000 to $1M. I am interested to hear what you guys have to say as I know not everyone has a high paying job or a lot of disposable income to use. Suggested methods can include investing but would also like to hear some other ideas if you have them. I do not expect quick returns I’m looking more towards increasing my total income for the future and growing my crypto Portfolio.

Also, would anyone be against entering the crypto markets rn?

Currently, the coins on my list to purchase are:



Hello, I think investing approximately $150 every month in crypto is better than investing $2000 at a time.

Have you thought of a P2P bitcoin business on Paxful or Local bitcoins?


Thanks for the input, I actually didn’t know about Paxful or Local bitcoins before now, but am looking into the opportunity available there.

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The only suggestion I would give you is hold cash for flash sale or big drops. There will be opportunity every single time. FOMO will always kill us. Don’t worry about prices going up. If prices go up, take your profits. Buy when prices go down.

$ cost averaging on the good tokens is always the best way to accumulate more tokens at cheaper prices.

Biggest advice is always have cash in hand for flash sales because we are currently in unprecedented times.

@pmach All the tokens you mentioned above are good. You can also find free ways to make tokens everyday. Use Brave browser to make free BAT tokens. I would suggest you to add ICX to your portfolio, so you can make 15% annual rewards :slight_smile:

We won’t always have free money but we can always earn free tokens with BRAVE, PRE SEARCH, LIBRARY CREDITS, SWASH and LOLLI. will always provide good interests on your tokens, Voyager gives interest on holding Bitcoin. My advice is always find a way to increase your token count for free through staking, referrals and through exchanges.

Example: if you want are holding bitcoin in coinbase, its always better to hold in voyager or just to earn 4- 5% interest.

I have been using brave browser for 3 months and made 60 Bat tokens for free just by doing what I always do ‘browsing’.

If anyone wants brave browser to earn rewards, you can download from my referral link below, activate uphold account to earn rewards. This way I can earn few Bat tokens. We are crypto family. Please keep me updated on earning free tokens and other opportunities.

Brave Browser :


I agree and a lot of people that I’ve talked to also agree with the idea of dollar-cost averaging on good tokens and having some cash available for dips in the market. Also, I will be trying out the brave browser for sure, thanks.

Note: I was there during the last bull run and the FOMO killed me I bought shit coins that just went up and I expected them to just go up forever and lost out big by not taking profits when all signs showed it was a good time to do so. This time, im taking the emotions out of it and making decisions based on the fundamentals while also trying to minimise risk, taking profits where appropriate.

Thanks Again


Hi. Check out this post, as it is similar and has some good ideas as well:


Indeed wanted to refer to that one too.

Also dont forget opportunities in traditional markets at the moment.

Good luck!

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Welcome.On YouTube, have a look at Paxful School which gives a good idea on the platform.

I trade on Paxful, if you have any other questions feel free to ask.


yea will definitely check it out, thanks for the advice.

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@Sharal I used your brave referral to earn FREE BAT TOKENS. But it took some time to set my uphold but lets see how many bat I earn for free :slight_smile:

@pmach How many max BAT tokens can I earn per day ?


Um well for me I’ve been averaging like .6 BAT per day. But it’s only been like barely 2days tho so don’t thinks it’s a big enough sample size.

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Thanks @pmach
Let me check how much I can earn now :slight_smile:

I guess Bat would be atleast a dollar during the bull run, so let’s accumulate more.

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On March 12th and 13th 2020, there was a huge flash sale in crypto. So, people who took the advantage of it already doubled their investment. The Best Time To Buy Is When There Is Blood In The Streets.

The best ones to buy during the flash sale are top most crypto currencies.


You can add ADA to your portfolio. It has a great future

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