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Good Afternoon to all, This is Venkat Durgam from Brisbane Australia. Have been in trading for many years.

Hi, my name is David. My goal with crypto is to get enough money to buy out my contract with the navy ($100-150k, and I have to make over 500k-1m a year). The story of how I got into crypto is kind of funny. I got in trouble for standing other peoples’ watch for money, and I needed a productive hobby to stay busy. I’ve been working my tail off for it, and have pulled a lot of wisdom from people who trade stocks and books like “Trading in the Zone”

I’ve been looking for that 100x, like everybody else. Got a couple coins I’m waiting for an entry for long term, so I’m hoping August has some good dips. I go out to sea, so I can’t trade all the time. If you’re in the middle of the ocean and your phone has full bars on 5g, that’s a cell bouey from China and they’ll mirror your phone as soon as you connect. Thats one of my biggest fears for crypto.

After the navy I want to go back to school and finish school. I have a 2 year degree in information security, but I want a 6 year. I want to develop apps and AI for crypto.


Hi Ian and Family,
I am an Aussie Engineer in the land down under,
I decided to check out Crypto in May this year after looking into other avenues such as Silver and Gold to protect against the current recession and troubled times. Everyone I talked to (friends/ family/ associates) all know very little about Crypto. They all had heard of Bitcoin but with no real idea what it was, how to find out or buy/use. After the past months researching and a long learning curve I now know allot and have become an investor.
Its currently a lonely world in this field starting out so I was very excited and happy to find Token Metrics as it is the type of platform that I was searching for but did not think existed, well done to you all.
It is hard to explain or convince the potential of Crypto investing to others, hopefully down the track my investments will help with this, especially as Crypto investing such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are only in there early stages with great potential for many years to come.
Yes very exciting times Ian,
Cheers, Stevo

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Greetings to Ian & the Token Metrics Family!

I am here, after reading all of your interesting introductions wondering: “Why I am the only one just now awaking from what seems to have been an ‘coma’?” I am guessing its because I let life overwhelm me with my job as a special education teacher (always helping) and being a mom. It took me to hear about the fraud on Kanye West and other celebrities with crypto currency to realize that I was being left behind and that technology & AI is truly HERE.

I feel that I am obligated to learn of new technology and life changing CRYPTO CURRENCY not only for a better future for me, but for my children and others trying to stay above water. I truly believe that crypto currency is the way our future is headed. I believe that our banks, presidents, politicians, etc…are failing us with their hidden and personal agendas as they have for years; we need transparency. Several of our world leaders have held their office for beyond two decades and will die in that office, therefore, the our world doesn’t seem to make much change. We need young brilliant minds to replace the old corrupt and tired ones…lol. :laughing: We are the dreamers…smile :smiley:! I am so happy to have learned that some awesome team of brilliant developers with minds that soar beyond the moon–as Ian would say-- have come forward and have made a difference. They (who I still can’t and probably will never discover who they are) have not only helped themselves, but have created a way to give those of all races, nationalities, etc… who began this economic race already behind an opportunity to have a fair chance towards a better future.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to surpass those who have fear of economic change and choose to continue working for the centralized banks. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be amongst you all hear. I have so much to learn…

This is the most you will ever hear from me… because I am watching you professionals play your coins–I am listening so that I may learn.

Wow!!! This is going to be a lot to grasp, but I know I can get it.

Thanks Token Metrics for already showing me that you care through your representative–Chase!


I didn’t realize I wrote a book…lol!!! I apologize. But, I guess that’s my intro.

I am new to crypto and look forward to what it’s future is in this upside down world we are currently experiencing. I think that cash will be a thing of the past soon and some kind of digital currency will replace it. So, I want to be ahead of the curve in learning and investing in the future. Crypto interest me for several reasons: Blockchains security, and decentralization–it can’t be manipulated by a government! Thanks Ian for the education I have received already in a short time. Everyone else, thanks for your input.

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My name is Joey. I am a newbie in crypto, started my first crypto investment in April 2020. Want to make enough money from crypto so i have seed money for investing in real estate. Excited to join token metrics community and share insights.

Hello everyone, My Name is David and I’m interested in Crypto for financial benefit. I looked at Bitcoin around 2012 0r 2013. Bitcoin was at 300.00. So when I looked how much it had gone up, with the mindset of the stock market, I figured I missed the bus and didn’t buy any. In 2018 I invested 65k, unfortunately that went to the low 20K. 2020 I started trading crypto but I haven’t done well. I know I can be successful if I persist, and need additional analytic’s to help me and I think Token Metrics will help me achieve my goals.

I’m a very determined person. In 2019 I thru hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, 2,192 miles from Georgia to Maine. I won’t give up and I will be successful.

Looking forward to Ian Balina, his team and Token Metrics support for Alpha, and hopefully I will be able to contribute to them and others here as well.
Peace, Love and Empathy.

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Awesome, welcome to the Token Metrics community.

Hello folks . I am Siran and I am a crypto newbie :slight_smile: The COVID situation has given me some free time after work and i started to spend all my free time to read upon Crypto markets a couple months ago.
I still have a lot to understand about the blockchain technology and their use cases but the information i gained so far has convinced me to start investing in Crypto .
So I have started investing from last Week . Yay !!
Through Token metrics , I will be doing both - Investing and learning more about the crypto space .

Why Crypto ?
The very first thing that attracted me to Crypto is that there are no borders to it . One can become a true Global investor through Crypto .
The stock and mutual fund investment platforms are still trying to achieve this but have huge blockades created by the banks and governments.
I am an expat and when i want to move back to my home country , i dont have to move my assets or hassled with huge forex charges with my crypto assets .The same cannot be said for any other investments .

Why now?
From what i have read so far, Crypto market is currently in its transition period to become a widely recognized and used investment platform . It still has a lot of room to grow into a major market like stocks and Gold but its also not in its infancy where people are not sure whether it can even survive .
We are at a time where the crypto market is still disruptive enough to provide huge trading and investment opputunities but also mature enough that it cannot be crushed by the governments anymore.

The bitcoin halving cycle has created an environment where, with enough research , we can predict the bull and bear markets in crypto with a very high accuracy than in stock markets .
The indicators work so well currently that we even have a term called Altcoin season!!
Next halving cycles may become stable enough that we wont get such oppurtunities .

Why Token Metrics ?
For an year old firm, Token metrics has a wide enough reach that i came across the site within just a couple weeks into researching about the crypto markets .
I believe and live by the term “Time is money” . If something costs money but saves me a lot of time to achieve it , I will gladly pay the money and Token metrics offers exactly that !
I am currently into the trial period and I am already impressed with what Token metrics can offer us .
You have got Technical analysis , Monthly Trends , Prediction models and AI Grading system all in one place with more features to come like quant and trader grades etc .
The trend signals and indices can help even the newbies like me to try trading with the help of token metrics :slight_smile:

oh and dont miss the webinars and interviews and AMA’s conducted by the team . They are truly an information treasure .

Thanks to Ian and his team , Looking forward to learn as well as earn more through Token Metrics .


Hello, I am Kerry and I have been a crypto investor since 2016. I lost interest during the last crash but starting returning to crypto in 2019. Ian has been a light in the darkness to help everyone figure the whole crypto universe out and I am appreciative of Ian’s work and the community at large.

So when I discovered you put your spreadsheet on steroids by utilizing AI, I had to become a member. I have decided that crypto will be a major part of my investment portfolio from now on. I look forward to multiplying my investment in the years to come.

Below are a few questions or requested based on utilizing the TM site for the past 9 days:
Please provide more details on the use of the indices. Will you start with $10,000 each January 1 or will it be a forever running return? Add a BinanceUS category because many of the tokens listed as Binance are not found on BinanceUS exchange. Hopefully, TM will create a one login option for all of the exchanges we will need to utilize to implement the desired investment plan.

Thank you,