Introduce Yourself

Hello Crypto Family!

Welcome to the Token Metrics Forums.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself and tell us why you’re in crypto.

I will start first.

My name is Ian Balina, the founder and CEO of Token Metrics.

I’m also a partner at 100X Advisors, a blockchain investment and advisory company.

I’m in crypto because I believe it’s the future of finance and money.

I also have a passion for disruptive technology (crypto, AI, etc.) and helping people through media and content creation.

Token Metrics has allowed me to combine my interests in crypto and machine learning.

Both of these technologies are transforming the world right before our eyes.

Excited to see how they grow in the next 10 years.


Hi, my name is D. I am crypto investor and futures day trader. I have followed and participated in Ian’s community since 2017 my beginning days in Crypto. Glad to see a new forum.


Hey… my name is Deepak I joined crypto in Jan 2018…few months later, i was about to leave… but i realised this is the future… This is beginning of Finance 2.0.Current financial crisis is going to make BTC a safe heaven…


Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here!


Welcome Deepak, that’s a great decision. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come for crypto.


Hi I’m Geronimo from the US. I’m in crypto because I believe this world needs a more democratized system that provides a truly free market. Crypto, so far, seems like our best shot.


Welcome aboard Geronimo! Crypto could be our saving grace, exciting times ahead!


Hello I go by Enthef in the cryptospace. Its nice to meet you all. I support all types of cryptocurrencies. I also like to learn about networking, automation and falling down rabbit holes. :slight_smile: Cheers everyone!


Hi - my name is Ian and i came from the FinTech side - a developer with experience working for a few investment banks as a contractor and an interest in AI and crypto technology - mostly now a homeperson. At first crypto was purely of technical interest but i have come to see its potential to address some social and financial wrong doings.


Hello Crypto Family! My name is Eric and I am a strong believer in crypto-currencies. With all the madness happening right now with Covad-19, I believe crypto can become more essential for daily use. I have done some investing, but never really stuck to it. I was one of the lucky people of the Mt. Gox episode that got my money out right before it went under. I cry now when I see the BitCoin price compared to when I had it in the early stages. Anyway, I know fresh, new, and better opportunities are waiting, so I am ready.


Hey, Croxmoon here, have dabbled in crypto for a few years now. (don’t get me started on why I didn’t do anything with it earlier). but taking it seriously when I learned that Tyson was getting involved and took it as a sign it was going mainstream so jumped on board.

Glad that it still the early days, I believe the time is now and the current economic environment will be the make or break time for crypto.



My name is Heather. I’ve been in cryptocurrency since 2018. I missed out on a lot but I’ve learned so much about cryptocurrency over the past years. I’m seeking financial freedom and to learn more about investing.

I dont have a trading background. I have a B.S. in Biology. I’ve been working in the biotech industry for over 8 years with a concentration in cancer immunotherapy and I’m currently pursuing an MBA.

I’ve learned the biggest investment I can make is in myself. I’m thankful to have this platform as a learning tool to help me reach success :full_moon:


Hello, I’m Todd, and I am a cryptocurrency AML and regulatory consultant. Looking at keeping up with new trends for my portfolio as well as analysis of assets in the space.


This is Monish and I have been into crypto since 2016. Have been an investor but would like to learn more on trading and the futures market.
Thanks for inviting me to this platform. Looking forward to connect with you all.


Hello. This is Ayhan from İstanbul, Turkey. İ met İan and the members during their world tour in istanbul and i am following crypto community for two years. İ have mostly invested masternode crypto since then and this sector looses value but i am investing long term to crypti and i hope it will be profitable gor everyone in it.


Sup Crypto Fam!
I’m a barbershop owner that discovered crypto investing thru one of my clients. Thank God for him because i took a chance with my last savings (not good advice) from April 2017 to Dec.2017. My investments turned into 6 figures (80x). With the help of discovering Ian in June 2017 and following his recommendations. Staying up late nights to watch those long videos Ian showed…was a rush for me. So 2018 met Ian in Miami at the conference right before the disaster for my portfolio losing 80%. But here i am still in it. I truly believe in the technology and there’s nothing that makes me feel any different. i’ve learned a lot over the years. I’m here because i want to be apart of this to the Moon and Beyond!!! salute to the People’s Champ​:boxing_glove::boxing_glove:Ian Balina


Hi my name is Josh,

I am a postdoc in engineering.
In crypto since sep 2017. But got my first bitcoin wallet adress in 2013. Didnt dare to buy back then after mount Gox hack hapenned, was very interested in the tech however. Followed Ian Balina since early 2017, just for entertainment purposes. Started to invest myself in september 2017. Grant deciscion, and I am hooked to crypto ever since. Have not tried Token Metrics yet though. Hope to see you around here in the forums. Cheers!


What’s going on crypto family. This is Anto. Been involved in the cryptosphere since 2015. I’ve done many things in the space. I’ve learned a lot, earned a lot and even lost a lot being involved in crypto and all things blockchain. Looking to learn and share my insights to learn even more. Great to be a part of the forum.



Peter here from England. Love crypto and investing. Some have been good and some bad but the process is what is fun (as long as you are up on investments).

Kind Regards,