InstaDapp Flash Loans

Since COMP is the new hot coin in Defi I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an easy way to mine COMP. Through the platform instadapp you are able to do flash loans and earn COMP. Without getting to technical about the situation. A flash loan is executing multiple transactions in one transaction. On Instadapp you can borrow, lend and swap an asset all in one transaction. That is what makes the transaction a flash loan.

This basically leverage trading using smart contracts…so understand the risks. You can make up to 4x the amount of COMP depending on how you use this tool. I personally only use Stable coins because crypto is to volatile to leverage trade anything else. I loaned DAI, borrowed USDT, then swapped it for more DAI which I loaned to Comp.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform checkout go to the compound tab and on the right hand side click “Maximize Comp Mining.” Here’s a link to a video that shows step by step how the process is done.

Flash loans without coding?

Yes. InstaDapp has a cool tool which allows you to do the flash loans without coding. Just put in the Type of token and quantity. Watch the youtube video for the specific instructions.