Inflation and purchasing power - future of money trade still on?

Morning team TM, loving the TV shows - keep up the good work!

Question - An assumption has been raised a few times on your shows that rapidly rising inflation will create a problem in the legacy markets with the dollar & the pound, and will push large institutional money into crypto in order to counter balance that.

Arguably that panic move happened in the pandemic with BTC at 60k.

Inflation is becoming an issue here in the UK, we have now cumulatively printed & bought £895 billion in bonds to get through a downturn and covid, and our rates have gone from 0.7% to 1.5%, it’s heading to 4% +, double the target.

Is there an alternative possibility, that if we see global inflation running out of control, double digits - the central banks will just go the opposite way - and crush Bitcoin and the crypto market with massive regulations, in order to protect the validity of their own collapsing currencies?

Michael Burry from “the big short” seems to think that’s a possibility - and he’s a clever bloke, and really bearish on Bitcoin.



I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to the legacy market. I do know crypto assets. There’s no chance the banks can stop the growth of crypto to save their failing system. There’s so much institutional money that agreeing on regulatory measures in one country is different in the next. They don’t agree on anything because of greed so they can’t stop global assets. They can try…have tried…and continue trying but never succeeding.

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