Indicies performance doesn't match the underlying trade data

Hello, new member here. Currently on the trial of the advanced plan and looking to understand what TM offers. I was reviewing the performance of the TM Indicies and several things didn’t make sense.

First, the claimed return of 169.79% (here I’m looking at the weekly time horizon – no low mkt cap – all exchanges option) does not match the change in value of the initial portfolio holdings vs the current portfolio holdings. Going all the way back to the inception on 7/1/21, the initial investment was $10,000. As of today (2/19/22), the cash value is showing as $9,695. For a 169% return, the current cash value should be $26,979. Can someone explain this to me?

I also found the same results looking at other time horizons and exchange options – supposedly the portfolios are generating a high return but that is not showing up anywhere in the trade data.

Second, some of the historical buy and sell data doesn’t match up. (For this, I ran a quick excel analysis on all the transactions in the same weekly index noted above). For example, the portfolio bought 293.25 tokens of DeversiFi on 11/21/21 and then sold only 102.09 tokens on 12/6/21. What happened to the other 191.16 tokens? There are several other trades that have the same issue (Dopex Rebate Token, Impossible Finance Launchpad, Privateum, Render Token). Leonicorn Swap was sold on 10/25/21 but there’s no record of it ever being bought.

Some of the indices have outstanding performance data, but it’s hard to trust that when the underlying trade data doesn’t line up with it. Would love to hear any explanation from the TM team or community of users.