Indices Updating Date vs Actual Changes Posted

Indicies have a Date and Time for change, but there are no changes posted.

Example: The Investor Monthly Index for Coinbase was last updated on December 01, 2020 1:20 AM EST (UTC 6:20 AM) and November 26, 2020 1:20 AM EST (UTC 6:20 AM)

The Investor Monthly Index for Coinbase next update will be on January 01, 2021 1:20 AM EST (UTC 6:20 AM)

The last Date of Change recorded though is still November 30, 2020 not December 31, 2020 (see photo). Is this a glitch, something due to the change in year or an extra day needed, which would technically be updated on January 02, 2021?


Not sure why they give a time but aren’t updated either, This seems to be an on going issue.

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I think TM should extent all subscriptions 1 month for free as December the platform was not function correctly at all. Sure there will be big updates coming soon but what is the purpose of me paying for December while the platform is not working correctly… @diaryofamademan


I also wonder why the monthly quant grade indices don’t seem to be updating. They should have updated yesterday (1st of january).


Been following TM and Ian since 2017. Waited a year to see how TM would develop. Got in during Black Friday after seeing some positive reviews by users. Was really impressed how things were going in the first month and did manage to make a profit. Although there were quite a number of bugs evident on the site (some I even reported without receiving any response) it didn’t really deter me from using the service.

As we hit Jan 1 I was hoping for the indices to be updated so I could rebalance my portfolio. It’s now been 5 days and still no updates to the indices and the market is going crazy. I feel a little let down by what’s been happening (or not happening in terms of communication with your clients).

As a web developer myself I question how thorough was the testing of all these new features before rolling them out to production?

Really hope you guys can turn this around in good time. I do have faith in the product but don’t know how much more of these problems I can tolerate.


My issue is the lack of communication you think by now we would have heard something!

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If you look at the recent posts in the forum you’ll see the same narrative, we’re all experiencing the same issues. I really hope they issue a statement. I know they are seeing all this stuff so it would be really disappointing if they don’t at least acknowledge these issues. We just gotta be patient, but yes it is frustrating because we’re in a bull run. I read somewhere else that when they implemented the quant grades it became really buggy and innacurrate.

That’s where integration and end-to-end testing become very important before releasing a product into production!