Indices performing horrible

I think it’s really disappointing to see how the indices and the quant grades are performing. We all know there is a huge risk in crypto, but also potentially huge rewards. To see the indices and grades be so poor while everything is pumping is frankly horrible. Luckilly I haven’t followed the AIs advice, but still lately TM has been my greatest FUD. According to token metrics this bull run is basically over, should we act accordingly?

Thanks for being a Token Metrics customer! The quant grades and indices should be fixed now. I don’t think they’re predicting the bull run is over, I think they are simply predicting a correction which is natural and beneficial for a prolonged bull run. Bill often talks about a sell-off that can occur in April and May, we are about one quarter away from that which could be why the quarterly grades are lower. If you’re looking on a more short-term basis I think it also helps a lot to look at the price predictions.

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Thanks for the reply first off all. I’m just having problems interpreting the quant grades. Why was there so many stable coins in the top while alts where pumping left and right. I remember in the summer after the defi mania TM really helped me take profits before the crash happened, but now it seems that it’s not catching the trends as good anymore. Or maybe it’s just “tuned” more conservative? If it’s maybe pumping until may, why isn’t the monthly grades even higher? I see they have been rising slightly as the prices have gone up (which should maybe be opposite according to buy low sell high). I think it’s a fantastic idea and I want to take advantage of TM as best as I can, but it’s harder now than before to use it and it seems to be less in tune with what is happening. Bill is great and has been a huge help, and have seemed to “outperform” the quant especially after the new year.

Im have the same problem today , gets to the home page fine , then when you need to check out a coin , just get the circle going round in the middle of the screen