Indices are gone!

Hello team,

I can’t see the Indices on this site anymore!

Any news?



@fchaman I’ve checked 3h after your post and they are (back?) there on the first page you get when you login: app dot tokenmetrics dot com

@Bradmans_Average Still can’t see the Indices

@fchaman sorry so see that’s not working for you mate. I have a different view for some reason. If you haven’t already try: support @ tokenmetrics dot com.

How odd, have you tried turning it off and on again.

Or more helpfully another browser.

Tried everything…on different computers, on a few mobile phones, different browsers…still no Indices for me! I think this must be an issue with my account! I sent an email to the support…Let’s see!

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If you are in the telegram group try asking the admin Azeem in there, he is great.