Im sitting on like 4 ETH, dunno what to do

Should I keep two and diversify the other two into alts during the dip?

Should i cash out invest somewhere else and come back?

Im trying to create passive income streams to not have to work 5 days and focus on investing.

Any advice would be appreciated?

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ETH is a fantastic hold right now. For the last 5 years ETH has outperformed BTC in the first quarter of each year. I wouldn’t diversify the 4 you have, but you could diversify as you add your positions.

Your goal should to be to ultimately own as many BTC as possible. You do that by dollar cost averaging and trading the alt coins to catch their big moves to ultimately convert that profit to BTC.

Have you considered putting your ETH in Celsius or You can earn 6ish percent interest while you hold.


@Michigander I 100% agree with your feedback, I just wanted to ask since you have been in crypto space for while what you think might be the best day or days of the month are to DCA? I have heard people say Thursday is a BTC day and Alts any day of the week. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Right now, statistics say that Friday is the best day to buy Ether and Monday is the best day to buy Bitcoin. Since ETH is THE altcoin, there is no statistical answer that I am aware of other than Friday for altcoins. Since your using token metrics, I would think the best time to buy an alt is when the predictions turn up, days be damned.

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