If you have 10k$ how are you going to invest it?

The gaol here is to achieve 1 million $ in the next, bull run, and is it possible? I would love to get ur thoughts.


I would generally divide it in the following proportion:

10% for P2P bitcoin business (to generate monthly income)

Over the next 12 months, I would probably use about 2% for each trade (short, medium or long term). Actively re-balancing my portfolio is also a part of my investing strategy.

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:thinking: I like the idea @cryptopossible mentioned regarding a P2P biz. Maybe something like Wall of Coins since Local bitcoins doesn’t look too good anymore for cash purchases. Then, for the rest, a combination of DCA & HODLing, and DeFi loans.

This is not investment advice, and I don’t think it could even reach $100K in results, but this is what someone could try:

  1. Buy $2K worth of Bitcoin. Send it to Wall of Coins. There you place an ad to sell at a markup of like 6% or more above spot price,

  2. In the meantime, have another $2K in fiat or stable coins ready to go on an exchange of your liking.

  3. When someone purchases a dollar amount of your Bitcoin on Wall of Coins from your ad, immediately purchase that same dollar amount on the exchange.

  4. Send the money you made (which will be in your bank account) to the exchange, and the Bitcoin you bought (from the exchange) to Wall of Coins.

  5. Repeat 3 and 4 until you feel you’ve made enough BTC.

  6. Buy $2k worth of BTC and send to a platform like Celcius. Do a loan and collect interest. Maybe another platform will allow compounding. I’m still doing research on DeFi and CeFi, so not too sure.

  7. Take the rest, about $4K, and dollar cost average into 4 of your favorite coins. For me I’d say preferably from the top 20. For example:
    Eth ($1200) buying $100 on 12 separate days spaced apart however you want.
    Tezos ($1000) buying $100 on 10 separate days spaced apart however you want.
    ADA ($800) buying $100 on 8 separate days spaced apart however you want.
    Chainlink ($1000) buying $100 on 10 separate days spaced apart however you want.

Then you’d need to come up with an exit strategy for those coins. Like sell a % of each one when it gets to higher values. That way you’re still holding some of them as they get more valuable.

Anyway, I’d also love to hear other strategies. Maybe staking, but that depend on the underlying coin to not fall in value.

What do you guys think? Hodl on!


One way to do it

1: All in $eth
2: start staking in 2021
3: cash out in 2024ish around a price target is 15k usd (after the flippening)

Other way is diversifying in crypto and traditional markets. Then I would:
1: Stash half in $eth and do THE above
2: Stash the other half in:

Should be a millionaire by 2024


I’d just get 1 whole BTC right now & send it to Celsius to collect interest in BTC. At the time of writing this $7200 on Cash App. The break down of the rest will go like this. $500 Matic; $500 Blockstack; $500 XTZ; $500 ADA; $250 ICX; $250 ETH; $100 NRG; $100 KCS; $100 HBAR. That’s what I’d do right now.


This is a very tough question. If the goal is to turn $10k into $1m then you would need to invest in a cryptocurrency (or create a portfolio) which has the potential to do 100x.

You are therefore going to have to do a lot of research in specific small to mid cap coins which have the potential to do this (as well as large cap coins including BTC if you feel that they also have the potential to do this within the next 5 years or so). If you can, try and use Token Metrics to assist you with conducting this research by making use of their rating system and all of the additional information they have about cryptocurrencies and their future potential. And then finally, make sure you really believe in your investments so that you have the courage to hold onto to them during downturns and difficult periods.

Good luck man. I’m sure you will succeed!


XRP (& Polysign)
May want to extend your target sell date to 2025-26.

This looks like a very good strategy. I kinda like it

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If I have 10K to invest in crypto

I would invest in
Stable coins DAI,USDC, USDT - 1000 (EARN 6% - 10% INTEREST in crypto. com)
Bitcoin - 1000
Ethereum - 2000
ATOM - 500
ADA - 500
BNB - 500
XTZ - 500
VET - 500
ICX - 500
MCO - 500
CRO -500
Other coins 2000 - (MATIC, ONE, RSR, WRX, ZIL, QSP, ALGO, IOST, FET, LINK)

If I have 10K to invest in stocks

AAPL - 1000
MSFT -1000
TSLA - 2000 (Buy when cheap)
FB - 1000
SQ - 1000
BeyondMeat - 1000
5G companies (QCOM, AMAT, QRVO, INTC, CSCO, NOK, TMUS, VZ, ATT) - 3000


XRP, ADA, XTZ ATOM and VET. 2K on each :sunglasses:


I agree with @Sharal. But Gold and Silver are something I would consider investing 1000 dollars.

Interesting :muscle:
Short and sweet.

What I would do is:
25% BTC + 25% ETH which will act as a hedge
30% few mid cap alts
20% few low cap alts

When alt season starts you start moving out of BTC and ETH and invest them in alts, but always look to keep a small percentage to act as a hedge.

There is one guy on YouTube who simulated different investing strategies (like investing equally in all top 10 alts) and the associated returns with each strategy, he uses mathematics equations and tons of data to be very precise, his name is Benjamin Cowen.

Good luck


I think BTC is going to have a rude awakening. In addition to my list above, I’d add XLM. They’re just too intertwined with Hyperledger and IBM to ignore. I think we’ll see pumps in phases. Think of what projects are needed to rollout first, that are fundamental to the space, then expand and extend timeline.

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I like @mhodl’s strategy the most, especially Point number 7 and I would probably add ATOM to that list.

Aside from that I am also looking at deploying tranches of fiat based on market cap, so maybe also doing some strategic position sizing on micro-caps like RSR, IDEX & TRB just to have some upside exposure there.

Other areas I’m looking at:

  • Buy 1 node worth of ETH
  • Buy BNB, HT & FTT for CEX exposure
  • Buy KNC, MKR & REN for DEFI exposure

Seems like way too much ETH and exchange exposure

I personally would have a long time horizon and invest in the top 10-20 value investor ratings on Token Metrics. They have exposure to low cap projects.


I will just follow this TM strategy. 10 Coins to 10 Milly :boom:https://youtu.be/eBDAF4cdWDE

And this one, recently posted with almost this exact topic: