IDO Oction CeDeFi Options Trading Platform with a marketcap from $ 1,500,000, what are the competitors?

I have an IDO Oction CeDeFi Options Trading Platform and the marketcap is now $ 1,500,000.
What are the competitors and what is there marketcap?
It’s on binance and soon on ethereum.
They have a partnership with and there advisors are KPMG and others
They launch their product between 4 and 6 weeks, they think within 4 weeks.
What are your thoughts?

The circulation supply on coingecko is not correct, it’s only 5,000,000.

The competitors have a marketcap between $ 10,000,000 and $ 95,000,000 so there is a lot of room to grow. The marketcap drom oction is lower than $ 2,000,000. I will give a reply by 100x, sleep well :slight_smile:

#Token Metrics, today I received the token metrics crypto pulse news letter with eth options, thank you!

The current market cap is $ 1,500,000 and coingecko make a correction, great entry point!