Idea for Visual Trends Indicator

On the ratings main page create a new column that shows the most recent changes to bullish or bearish. In the case of ties they would sort by market cap. Basically, someone going to the page could see what most recently changed or easily find coins they were following to see if they had a new indicator. Your text message idea will also be very beneficial, but I would think there could be a limit to the coins you could follow with that method.


agreed ! i took the professional plan to see these indicators. It is too much work and website is too slow to go over all the coins multiple times a day to see when to sell or buy. It would be good to get a text/sms to say: this is now bearish or bullis… just my 2c ! please do so thank you


I’m still in my trial phase, but this is something I picked up on pretty quickly. I agree with the OP: suggest either a dedicated page or adding a column to indicate bearish/bullish signal. Additionally, communicating when those signals have changed is priceless. Again, still new and learning how to navigate the site, so maybe some of this ability does exist and I just haven’t figured it out yet. On the flip side, these features are invaluable and should not be hard to find if they do exist.

On a positive note I recognize that this project is still new and growing and I am excited to see where the team takes us moving forward.