I love TM and find it valuable but I'm losing patience with site slowness and missing features

The more I learn about TM the more I use it and the more valuable it becomes. I have high hopes that I will be able to reproduce indeces performance! However, I am losing patience because I spend so much time waiting for results, and there are missing features. I suppose the slowness problem must be well known and easily understood, but I’ll say more about missing features.

  1. Slowness
  2. I am continually hovering my mouse and attempting to sort or filter columns and finding no tools for this. If there is table data then I reasonably expect to sort and filter. Not all tables in TM have these features.
  3. It would be helpful to have a column in all holdings to show which portfolio the asset is held in.
  4. It would be helpful periodically sync holdings, or to manually initiate a background sync of all portfolios with a single action. This supports the value of TM’s index / portfolio strategy with periodic rebalancing.
  5. TM ratings breakdown appears at the foot of an asset detail page. The aggregate grade would be a helpful and obvious addition to the top of the page, displayed prominently near the ticker symbol.
  6. Upgrade-required features are blurred and a subscribe CTA is offered, but it’s not clear why the user would want the additional features. A summary or description would help here.
  7. The watchlist feature is broken and unusable. I have successfully added a handful of assets to my watchlist, but the manual data entry required for each addition is prohibitive. A set of sane defaults or global preferences would be most helpful here.