I have found a gold mine for crypto buds interested in holding gold!

You know the concept of a stable coin, what if I tell you that there is an altcoin which is 100% backed by gold and it’s price moves as per the price of Gold ! On top of that the company is 12 years old, based in France fully regulated and audited regularly with all the audits published on their website for transparency, the fees are tiny compared to actual fees of buying and storing gold.

It’s called VeraOne which belongs to the aucoffre group, they also have a company named VeraCash where you have a gold account and a debit card that you can use and the transactions will be calculated as per the gold spot price and then deducted from your gold holdings, VeraCash has existed for few years already.

I’m not gaining anything by sharing this, I just hope this will help the gold hodlers over the world who doesn’t know about this French company :v:t3:


Thanks for Sharing info

Lot’s of talk going on with Gold and Crypto, with Crypto backed by Gold.

I wonder how we best decide the best trending crypto version?

Well for myself I always consider safety first, I really don’t want to loose my hard earned money investing in some scam coins, since VeraOne is issued by a 12 years old company who is fully regulated by an EU government I believe that it’s one of the safest projects out here to get a small exposure on gold, plus the other convenient features that they offer.

My personal preference has always been for DGX given Vitalik endorsed it, however it’s barely got any liquidity, so I’m leaning more towards PAXG now given stablecoins are their core business…

Thanks for sharing these options, I came past them and I remember that I wasn’t totally convinced since it wasn’t clearly mentioned if they are regulated and audited but I’ll go through them again and update it here.

How much gold is 1 token?

From what I remember each token created is backed by 1gr of gold.