I have been hacked. Help / Advice needed

Can anyone of my fellows at Token Metrics Help?

I accidentally/stupidly gave what I thought was Zilliqa support the private key to my Atomic Wallet Zil account.

They’re in the process of unstaking my ZIL so that they can remove it. Can anyone help or advise so I can stop them?

I’m desperately reaching out to anyone in this community to see if I can get any help.

Atomic wallet support is not responding, just cookie cutter replies.

Sorry this happened, we all have made atlease one mistake that taught us how to manage our crypto. I would try to move what you can to another wallet if possible. Also enable two factor authentication like text confirmations and email confirmations for transactions.

  1. File a BBB complaint to get their attention quick. The next level would be CFPB, but start with the BBB dot org first,

  2. Use a yubi key for 2 factor authentication. Text and email can be hacked too easy. The usb yubi key takes the hack to the next level like GRU which beyond the average hacker.

  3. Hope that helps.