Howdoo not really a shill, just sharing what I know, be ready for July 27

Howdoo is a Social Media Platform, allowing the user to complete all of their social media from one app,

Howdoo has been around for a couple of years, they aborted their launch earlier in the year, because they felt the platform was not good enough.

Howdoo have had many months of silence whilst they have worked with top social media artists who have a following of over 350 million people.

On Monday 27th of July the silence will be lifted, and the social media guru’s will be able to release what Howdoo have to their followers.

Token: udoo

Exchanges Exmarkets - Cointiger

Current Price $0.05

Thanks for sharing. The project seems risky to me because historically social media token projects have not performed well long term. Cointiger is also not a reputable exchange, so practicing caution with this would make sense.