How would you invest 100 thousand dollars right now

I am about to come into some cash, more than what I am asking about. I want to take 100 grand and invest in a way that protects me from bear market and allows me to be in play for a continued bull run. what are your ideas on this? I want to take a substantial amount and use USDC or stable coin to earn yield on possibly. or should I stick with staking? I want to build a portfolio of mostly smart contract platforms because I believe they will survive long term. I would then play with small money , at least to start, in some of the Dapps. I am a huge believer in decentralizing everything. I want to back projects that I believe in and maybe some that can just get me money, but I want to bring power to people. any advise or views on this would be great. I really am interested in tokens or projects that can earn me money in a bear market. I really want to be in the space and experience a change to get in low like that. I also would like to not go too risky with farming. maybe some but most is scary high apy and that is risky. any advise is helpful


A2A: Do you have other money or is this incoming $x, going to be your only significant vehicle for investment? The answer depends on how you answer this. And regardless: don’t put all or most of your money into crypto unless you have been around a long time (years of constant study/ immersion in the markets/ projects) and have spent time making yourself familiar with the various projects and have formed strong opinions of your own and learned how things such as APY work through personal experience. If you believe in statistics, then don’t invest a significant amount until you have accidentally lost a good deal of money by making a mistake. The crypto tuition fees do have a way of catching up to most people.

Before you invest a significant amount in any crypto, make sure you can tell me the difference between Circulating Supply and Total Supply and how they both relate to current and projected market capitalization in reference to the crypto that you are considering. Know the team behind the project, their experience, determine their legiticimy for yourself in your own terms. Know their degree of anonymity, location, and external factors that will affect the project.

Good luck…

i would get a Full-year subscription to Token Metrics, Then I would buy me some BTC and ETH and HNT to hold. Then I would get me 1 or 2 low income housing to fix up and Rent Out to generate passive income stream The little bit left over will go to funding my Trading account over $25k to get over the PDT rule. so I can trade without having to worry about going over 3 day trades per 5 day period. to create more income from Trading. then Rinse and Repeat., Oh yeah! i would buy more Helium Hotspots but i already Own 25 hotspots right now. so im good until our next batch order as we continue to Build the IoT network of the Future!

Depends on your risk appetite, but given that’s already a decent sized sum of money, I would stay the shallow end of the risk pool. Personally I love crypto, but I wouldn’t have more than 10% of my money in it, it’s too risky - for my appetites.

If your going all in with crypto, I would put some in safer long term projects like BTC, smart contract projects like ETH and ADA, and then maybe yield farm some in stable coins. I would pick maybe 20 great projects using TM reviews, and set up a small sub portfolio as well, of defi projects, to sit behind your main portfolio.

Correct assumption with the high annual return %, those projects tend to be very very risky. Pancakeswap belongs in a Vegas casino, and never lock up capital long term in crypto, if you want an illiquid investment, put half of the cash into a deposit on an investment property - safer bet.

I would as well, (this is just me) but a small amount, say 10%, in some risky wildcard/high return projects, stuff that could blow up and go to the moon and make you millions, but could also just blow up and go to zilch. XRP for instance, that’s a super risky, but has the highest upside potential in my opinion. Ten grand in that today, in UK money would get you 19,230 XRP, even if it only retraces back to where it was before the crash, you would have £26,345, (circa $36K) if they win that SEC case, that investment could go to a couple of hundred grand this bull run, it would only need to hit circa …15 dollars or there about in your money. Or they don’t win - and it goes to zero. Step right up folks into the casino, money plays, money plays! lol.

Good luck!

Investing thousands of dollars is all risk. But before taking any risk you should know about those platforms well. There are lots of sources from where you can get all the information. No doubts in market there are large numbers of investing platforms but one is easy and more profitable than the others. From my point of view, cryptocurrency is the right option for short-term investing. you can also choose forex, stock market, and others.