How would you invest 100 thousand dollars right now

I am about to come into some cash, more than what I am asking about. I want to take 100 grand and invest in a way that protects me from bear market and allows me to be in play for a continued bull run. what are your ideas on this? I want to take a substantial amount and use USDC or stable coin to earn yield on possibly. or should I stick with staking? I want to build a portfolio of mostly smart contract platforms because I believe they will survive long term. I would then play with small money , at least to start, in some of the Dapps. I am a huge believer in decentralizing everything. I want to back projects that I believe in and maybe some that can just get me money, but I want to bring power to people. any advise or views on this would be great. I really am interested in tokens or projects that can earn me money in a bear market. I really want to be in the space and experience a change to get in low like that. I also would like to not go too risky with farming. maybe some but most is scary high apy and that is risky. any advise is helpful


A2A: Do you have other money or is this incoming $x, going to be your only significant vehicle for investment? The answer depends on how you answer this. And regardless: don’t put all or most of your money into crypto unless you have been around a long time (years of constant study/ immersion in the markets/ projects) and have spent time making yourself familiar with the various projects and have formed strong opinions of your own and learned how things such as APY work through personal experience. If you believe in statistics, then don’t invest a significant amount until you have accidentally lost a good deal of money by making a mistake. The crypto tuition fees do have a way of catching up to most people.

Before you invest a significant amount in any crypto, make sure you can tell me the difference between Circulating Supply and Total Supply and how they both relate to current and projected market capitalization in reference to the crypto that you are considering. Know the team behind the project, their experience, determine their legiticimy for yourself in your own terms. Know their degree of anonymity, location, and external factors that will affect the project.

Good luck…