How to DCA with Token Metrics Quant indices?

I signed up for my TM trial a few weeks ago and it seemed much easier then to choose which index would be the best choice for a regular DCA - I would just choose the index with the highest ROI. The ROI displayed for each index is now close to 0 if not below 0, and I appreciate this is because the system is brand new and we have just had a market dip.

I do not mind whether I rebalance each week, each month, or each quarter, and I am happy to learn about yield farming and leave a large part of my portfolio earning interest that way - I just want to make the best possible choice with the benefit of Quant.

In the live stream yesterday Ian showed in backtesting that the quarterly Quant was most accurate, followed closely by the monthly Quant, so can I take from this that the best index for DCA would be the quarterly, checking on the index regularly to rebalance as appropriate until alerts are implemented?

Perhaps the monthly is better because it is almost as accurate as quarterly, and it has been mentioned shorter timeframe indices update more often, which should mean they react quicker to market changes - like for instance when to convert stable coins in the portfolio to other coins, or vice versa?

Maybe the best approach would be to split my monthly DCA across two portfolios, 50% in value investor quarterly, and 50% in value investor yearly. I know in the live stream last night the yearly value investor index across all exchanges was revealed as ‘10 coins to 10 million’, so perhaps it is best to put everything into that?

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