How to be a defi degen?

On the live stream yesterday Ian, talked about how some of his friends are Degening and making a killing. Is there any step by step tutorial on how to properly degen ? FULL DISCLOSURE : I AM FINE WITH THE EXTREMELY HIGH RISK ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ACTIVITY.

Is it as simple as looking at new coins on coin gecko and CMC everyday and flipping each new coin in a few days to a few weeks ?

I understand any advice is not financial advice.

I want to delegate a tiny portion of my portfolio to Degening.

Thanks !

My preferred method of degening is to find the low cap coins listed in the Token Metrics indices then researching them on Token Metrics and coingecko. I also like to do research on YouTube because I’m not that technical and people like IvanOnTech and Bitboy do a great job explaining the use case of these projects.

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Many people I know who have been in crypto for over 5 years have said that this group is more smoke and mirrors than an actual tech team. Many have sited the errors the strange coin ratings most have said that the only reason that TM appeared successful is that the bullrun has made every YouTuber & analyst and metrics site look smart when in reality almost all these coins were going to go up no matter what…im asking you kind folks. You tell me if this service is worth the money or not? Or maybe its worth it if you’re a beginner? Thank you for your time.