How is your team going to travel without get vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccines contain nano-particles and spike proteins. The long term effects are now known. Please Ian, take time to research about those vaccines before you or your team members get one. So many top Immunologists and virologists are saying those who take it have their lifespan limited to 5 years. (2-5 years) based on hard evidences.
In medical applications, nano-particles can also be used to remotely control the behaviour of a human being (this isn’t science fiction since 2014)

You can see some evidences, hear these brilliant guys (who are being censored by mainstream and all centralised social media platform) at @Realhealthranger on telegram.
Strongly advised.

Spread the truth for as long as you can. How evil has this world became, to what depth will mankind go to dominate and subdue their fellow man. What is happening right now is sadly not a science fiction film. It is the reality of every child, man and woman.

Here comes the third wave of propoganda, and a new strain of bullshit.

Vaccine injury deaths (well its not a vaccine, if you want to respect science). Its actually a gene therapy, using RNA. Convenient how just weeks ago scientists announced a ground breaking statement of the decades, that RNA just was observed and is verified to be transcribing itself back into the DNA sequence, its not a one way process apparently, or isnt anymore.

The vaccinated are going to be departing over the next few years, some slow… some quicker. The sickness will bw blamed on the unvaccinated, and division will only grow wider, and wider and wider. Wake up, wake up, wake up yourself, wake up your neighbor. Wake up anyone, you must.

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NOTE to people viewing this: If you are an unintelligent person who lives in a poor country and/or is currently at high risk of death from the virus, please ignore the posts above. The individuals that made them may or may not be well intentioned but there are also people who use metatags and keyword searches to get their message where you will read it just so they can cause you to die. There are very evil people in the world. The vaccine is not perfect, but if these people’s intentions were pure or they had an iota of intelligence, they would have come across differently in their claims (which are not facts, and are not proven), the way they post makes it sound like they are anti vaxers in every possible way and don’t even get their babies vaccinated for common things that cause trouble for them later in life. Just don’t believe the clowns who have posted anti-vaccine nonsense in this thread. If you don’t want the vaccine, please make a decision and it is your choice but don’t let the reason be because you are afraid of needles and evil people like the above make it easy to rationalize your fear with their lies.

Indeed. A lot of nonsense being spouted lately.

Hey moderators, any chance you can get the two anti-vax posts pulled down and the users accounts blocked?

I have reported them both.

Please don’t use this forum to post that kind of offensive dribble.

My partner is a Doctor, and essentially the spike proteins in the vaccine are finite, so your cells break them down, in Covid-19, the spike protein multiples inside you, that’s why it’s dangerous. Nobody is saying the vaccines are harmful, apart from other people like you.

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Your friend has not done his research and is mind plugged to the well manipulated and censored mainstream media. If you won’t take it from me, then take it from those experts a hundred times more qualified and knowledgeable than your friend

mRNA vaccine Inventor

Canadian doctors

Dr Robert Kennedy Jr

Doctor 28 years experience

PHD Immunologist

There’s a horde of professional doctors, immunologists, virologists getting censored, deplatformed and silenced by the social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, youtube, Pininterest,.), and mainstream media networks. Why are people’s concerns being muted?

That last one, the “Immunologist” was part of an extremist Irish political party, and she was saying all those things about vaccines because she was canvassing for votes in an election - she was thrown out of her own party for admitting that she made all that stuff up, their entire campaign was debunked by actual scientists and experts over here.

Embarrassing the lunatic fringe political group campaigning for revolution. Think about that, it’s hard to embarrass those guys!

Also if you actually watch the interview with the vaccine inventor on that nutty ‘info wars’ programme, he says that in under 18s the vaccine risk v covid risk is wrong, they don’t need to take the risk with it.

Which is correct, the vaccines are for older people and the vulnerable where the risk of covid is far greater than the risk of the vaccine.

The presenter takes from that statement ‘the vaccines are poison’. He literally misquotes his credible source, two seconds later. That was never said.

Listen, this is a crypto based forum, so I will shut up now, but in crypto deciphering fact from fiction, legit from scammers, and managing risk are pretty important skills, so I would just have a think about that, think about why people would benefit from pushing conspiracy theories.

If you genuinely believe the world is out to get you, and it’s all a conspiracy- don’t have the vaccine. It’s your choice, I wish you all best.

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Did you even watch the videos or reason before replying? These doctors put their professional careers and life on the line. Many of them have lost their millions of followers in social media, jobs, assassinated, blackmailed for speaking against the Trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry and it’s global agenda which is spear-headed by U.N, WEF, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and other powerful globalists. Ofcourse you can either remain silent or speak in favour if you want to keep your jobs and gain promotions over your seniors much qualified than you.

Here is another round of knowledge from doctors who defy threats against their careers and choose to save humanity.

Dr David Martin

Dr. Jane Ruby

Yes I did sadly, they were all un-fact checked nonsense from nutty conspiracy theorists and cranks, please stop spreading this shit.

If you wanted to depopulate the word, there would be easier ways of doing it, allow coca cola and Redbull to put the levels of sugar they actually want to use in their products, and allow tobacco advertising again on TV.

There you go that’s millions dead over the next ten years, save the costs of the vaccines.

I can assure you, killing Microsoft 365 subscribers, is not what Bill Gates wants. LOL

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