How Do You Withdraw Your BNB to Your Fiat Bank Account

I was using the Binance Exchange to transfer my BNB to Fiat and withdraw to my bank account, but they just recently discontinued this service for private individuals and only offer it to corporations. I have had a pending verification on my corporate account for almost 4 weeks, so now I’m wondering if anyone has an easy way to withdraw BNB to your bank account?

Thanks in advance for your advice :slight_smile:

What country are you in if you don’t mind me asking? Binance UK and the US versions are a bit different. Do you mean you want to trade your BNB token back to fiat, and then just withdraw the cash back to your personal bank account? Or do you want to actually withdraw the BNB tokens to an account? (some of the challenger banks offer a hybrid of a current account and a crypto wallet now I believe).

Thanks for the reply Alan. I’m in Canada and new to this game, so I appreciate your insight. I would like to transfer BNB to USD to deposit in my bank account. I had to Google challenget banks and there are quite a few here in Canada, so I’ll look into them.

Thanks again for your insight.

No problem, yeah that’s a tricky one because with Binance UK, if you want to sell, you can just trade your BNB token at market value back to pounds in our case, and then transfer it off the platform directly back to your current account via faster payment, it’s just a standard withdrawal. Essentially that’s a key function of Binance, it’s a currency exchange first and foremost, I wasn’t aware they had restricted fiat withdrawals in that sense in any territories. The other option I suppose is have Binance cancel the transaction via contacting their support, then transfer the crypto directly off the exchange into a hard wallet, and then transfer your BNB from the wallet to a different exchange that does support withdrawals where you are, maybe Coinbase Pro or Kraken. The only danger with that though is the more you transfer things around, the more network fees you incur, crypto is a bit like walking through a las vegas casino, everyone has their hands out for fees! Good luck with it anyhow!