How do you feel about Helium Network?

What do people think/feel about Helium Network?
Whats your risk to reward analysis for Helium?
Does anyone currently own a hotspot and is there any method of estimating the current profitability of owning a hotspot?

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@pmach I don’t own any hotspot device for now but, @dairyofamademan Ian Balina is very confident about this project. Looks like the device is now available for 350$ instead of $499. Hopefully, the project does better because of Ian.


yea, its a very interesting project with a solid team it looks like.


Looks like interesting project

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This looks like a great project! Many people including Steve Wozniak are enthusiastic that Internet of Things is the future. How bullish is everyone on IOT devices for the future? Is mining Helium like mining in the early days of BTC?


We just sent our in-depth investment report to customers last week. Helium has good fundamentals for an early project with good tech. The minor concerns we see is the inflationary token supply. Earning tokens via mining a device has the lowest risk.

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Yes I have been following, I am a big fan of yours and follow you/tokenmetrics on most platforms. I am young electrical engineer trying to become a successful entrepreneur/Inverter and I hope to get the chance to meet you one day.