How do I find on the website possilbe gems like REN that are in the newsletter?

I’m new to TM (and crypto trading) and am hoping to create seed money to carry me through the upcoming bear market to really grow in the next bull market; I’m too late to the game to get rich and don’t have enough cash right now to do that.

My ultimate is goal is to find one or two 100x gems. I have $17k to spread around different coins to increase exposure and decrease overall risk. Of course, any number up to and including 17 gems are welcome, too!

Anyway, reading the newsletter that came out today, REN was covered, and if it plays out, would be the one coin that would get me to my goal. How do I use the TM website to find more of them on my own? Also, where on the Data page for REN do I find that analysis calling for possible huge growth? I have purchased the Investor plan, so that might limit me. I cannot justify the Professional plan just yet, but will gladly buy it after this bull market if it will assist me in increasing my wealth even more.