HNT—Helium Network

Really looking to investing into helium. Wanting to order the device cause my location is a good spot on the app map. Question is if spending the $350 on device or buying into project for that amount???
Mining I’ll be able to keep em coming but at the same time don’t want to miss out on a chance for a 10/20/???x


I don’t know. I want to invest also in Helium but the device is not yet available in Europe.
Helium is now not in the top investment any more on tokenmetrics, te rating is horrible now, I think it’s a mistake from the website :slight_smile: I will wait till I know more about the rating.

Ian has this device also and seems very bullish on the project as a whole. I believe he’s even posted the page in a mass Email for community so they can check it out and or get the device. I’ll go with what and how long I’ve heard him talk about this project.
Guess only time will tell.

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I was also waiting for the network to reach Europe. I asked the company (back in January) they said there were plans to expand to Europe in 2021. This was before Corona. Now the wait is definitely going to be longer.

Has any one of you guys bought HNT tokens from Bilaxy and if so any idea as to how to store them? I checked the mobile wallet to but not sure if it’s reliable long term?
Thanks in advance!

The only way to store HNT tokens to my knowledge is via the mobile wallet available on the website.

I have bought Helium on Bilaxy and let them stay at Bilaxy.

Can Helium compete with Iota, also with market cap?

I too had just recently buy their hotspot. I am excited. I have mined btc among other cryptos. This looks like the easiest crypto mining that I have ever seen and profitable. No more ridiculous monitoring, over heating and all the other problems you get with mining. This has great potential. Excited, as it looks like this will be a profitable venture mining.

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