Help me please with Okex poor service!

Hey guys! I was wondering if someone around here has some suggestions concerning customer service I am having with Okex Exchange. My Google 2FA code is lost (it was erased when I renewed it on my tablet). They did ask me for the usual questions and had to undergo a video session with their support on Skype a few weeks ago. The did remove the 2FA to login into their platform, but i’m stuck with the impossibility to change the 2FA. They (contrary to ANY other exchange) require the previous code to proceed with the change. Go figure. I am now unable to withdraw any funds from my account with them.

Is someone in the TM community able to help me out here? This is becoming an issue. They do no reply to my requests. I have tried everything I could come up with to have the code completely de-activated (not having to write the previous code). My old recovery code (to import the 2FA code to my device) is not working anymore. What would you guys suggest here?

Thanks you for the help,