Gala Games Up +200% & Redfining the Gaming/NFT Industry

My Investment into a Gala Node
If you haven’t seen it yet, the price of the Gala has recently sky rocked to new all-time highs and I thought it would be good to talk about my investment into a Gala Games node which I made towards the beginning of the year. Early in the year, I made the decision to purchase a Gala Node for about $10,000USD which was a large sum of money at the time but looking back now, it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. The Node has been steadily producing around 21,000 - 24,000 Gala tokens a month and over the past months, I manage to accumulate approximately 130,0000 Gala tokens. At the current value, this is worth about 6500USD (65% of my original investment) but I believe within the next 2-5years this could easily x10.

My node currently produces around 700 Gala Tokens a day which is around 35USD/day, not too bad in my opinion. But I could easily see the price of Gala x10 within the next 2 - 5 years (why you ask?..I discuss that further down in my post). Just quickly, for those interested in learning more about Gala nodes or for those who may want to purchase a node, I have left this link for you so that we can both get a little bonus if you do decide to take this journey with me.

Gala Games:

Why Gala Games?
Gala Games is one of my favorite undervalued cryptocurrency pics because they are combining gaming which I love with NFT’s in order to give players more control and the ability to have ownership in the games that they love. I’ve played a lot of games in my time and the biggest problem that I had with it is that no matter how many hours I enjoyed playing the game at the end of the day I would have nothing tangible to show for it.

Combining gaming with NFT’s gives people the ability to have something tangible at the end whilst also providing players with the ability to make money for being an active and skilled gamer which is great. The games that are on the Gala Games platform are really high-quality top-notch stuff, they are focusing on making the games good and not on releasing something quick just because NFT’s are popular.

Hi There,
So your earnings are very impressive and sure are tempting However do you think this earning potential still stands for the time ahead, do you think now still the time is good to invest?
Also dose this requires technical knowledge to can do just as an investment?

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You do not need any technical knowledge to run a node, all you need to do is to download the node software and allow that software to run on your computer, that’s it.

I believe now is still a great time to invest because once major games start being released on the platform and the platform starts gaining a lareger user base, node owners will also earn a percentage of the game currencies for all the games that will be active on the platform. These currencies will have real-life value and can be traded for gala at a certain exchange rate. So the more users on the platform the more valuable the nodes will be.

How do You purchase a gala node

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Hey there

I have listed a few steps below that should assist you:

1.) Click on the link that I have provided above and set up a new Gala Games Account.
2.) Next go to the “Get Gala” tab on the gala games website
3.) Click on the “Get a Node” button
4.) From there you will see that there are 3 initial payment options for purchasing a node "ETH, GALA & BAT’. However, there are more payment options available through coinpayments which you should be able to see on the same page.
5.) After you have figured out which payment option you want to go with and how much it will cost you will need to prepare those funds and a little bit extra to cover gas fees.
6.) Once you have the funds ready it should be a simple process of transferring the funds to the appropriate wallet in order to purchase the node.
7.) You will receive a confirmation email once your purchase has been finalized.
8.) After you have purchased your node licence you will then need to download the appropriate node software for your device.
9.) Note that you have up to 7 days to refund your purchase if you are to for whatever reason change your mind.

But if you encounter any issues or have any problems please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Why buying a Gala Node?
Please do your own research. The gala node is not a financial asset.
From my personal point of view I will give you some thoughts about the Gala Node. This is not an advice.

If you want to buy a Gala Node it is important to understand the matrix.
From financial point of view the Gala Coin price is “making or breaking the game”.
Your investment is 50,000 US dollar.
At the moment it is not possible to sell the node. In the future maybe this will change, it could be a NFT in the future.

So from an investors point of view like venture capital a 30% IRR will be perfect.

At a Gala Coin Price of 0.40 US dollar you will get about 280 gala coin per day first year and second year 140 per year and 3th year 70 Gala Coin per day.
So your return will be 40,880 first year, 20,440 second year and 10.220 USD the 3th year.
So in this case you will get 71,540 in 3 year back and you have still the Gala Node.

So at a price of 0.40 USD for the Gala Coin the investment of 50.000 feels comfortable.

At a lower price of the Gala Coin the Gala Node is a less interesting asset. But it could be still interesting asset and it could be a bad buy.

At a much higher price for the Gala Coin, it will feels like exploding. The Gala Node is a kind of leveraged thing. In this case it will be “a perfect game.”

So any way it will be a bet on the price of the Gala Coin if you will decide to invest for a Gala Node.

This is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. ’ This assumes you are not selling investments or investment management services.

Be part of a new ecosystem.

If you are buying a Node after your own research please use my referral.

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