Flare Network - next big thing, or next big lawsuit?

Morning TM team.

What are peoples thoughts on Flare Network?

Assuming XRP gets past it’s regulatory woes, and resumes it’s place in the top tier of crypto, could Flare Network be the “defi -Disneyland” the big players are looking for?

For instance you can theoretically do everything on there that you can do with say …Alpha Finance Labs, yield farm, stake, provide liquidity…

Or the contrasting view, is Flare Network/ spark token airdrop just more fancy wrapping/smoke and mirrors to shroud the mess that is… Ripple Labs… a way of having another sneaky backdoor ICO, without actually having an ICO.

Ultimately I’m an XRP holder and fan, but lets be honest here…

…If they wriggle out of the SEC charges, they will be up there with OJ Simpson!