First time user - Why are the top rankings all showing negative price predictions

Hello TM community. I’ve just logged in for the first time. I clicked on the ratings tab and am confused why all of the top listed cryptos are showing bearish sentiment and also show a negative price prediction. I have to scroll down to number 21 to see positive predicted growth. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi. I have the same question, so hope someone in the community will give a response to this question. I am also very confused by this.

Hi, I am also interested in reply since I’m new to TM, thanks a lot!

Hi. Can one of the Token Metrics team members, @diaryofamademan, please shed some light on this. Us newbies are trying to understand, and I don’t want to cancel my membership because there was something I wasn’t grasping. When looking at this from a trader point of view, why would there be so many tokens/coins in the top rankings that have double digit negative growth projections for the month but still be considered bullish and ranked so high for the same month period. I did watch the “How to make money using TM” video, and I still must be missing something. Please see Cullen’s initial message above that started this string. Thanks.

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@TokenMetrics Please explain. Thanks.

It’s the difference between the two models. The Price Predictions and TA ratings are two totally independent models that analyze different things.

Price predictions only look at price data, not technical indicators while the TA rating model only look at technical analysis indicators. There is an FAQ giving more detail price-predictions-vs-monthly-ta

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Thanks Matthew, appreciate you chiming in.

Hi, welcome to Token Metrics.

The overall grades and price predictions are different independent models.

Price predictions only look at past price for the prediction, not fundamentals, technology, or anything else.

This help tutorial has more information on it.

Ditto above… I’m torn between which data to follow. As applying the tri-factor rule, many of the top listers have a negative correlation to the price predictions which display an approx. 80%+ accuracy.

Hi welcome to Token Metrics.

The price prediction models are indepedent models from the overall grades.

These articles in our help section should help clear things up.