Filter on Price Prediction

This would be a nice feature on the Ratings page: An extra column: Price Prediction % change

For example, if I set it to 20%, it will scan the tokens with their price prediction showing an up move of 20% or more in the current price of token until the end of the next month.

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Imagine, I can select tokens with the total grade value > 70 AND Monthly TA Trend = Bearish AND Price Prediction % change > 20% ====> This would be a nice reversal trade!

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Thanks, we are currently working on adding a price prediction % change column to the ratings table page. :+1:


Many thanks Ian…Very excited to be a part of the Token Metrics…Token Metrics is your parachute when jumping out into the crypto sky! The predictions on both Bitcoin and Ether have been so accurate, is beyond belief! You have an amazing and talented team. Best wishes during these hard times!