Feedback with my commitments to annual plans


I’ve been using Token Metrics on an Investor trial and continuing on a month HODLer plan.
I love the indices, in combination with price predictions and YouTube content. It’s great.

With the HODLer plan, my strategy is to focus on the indices and invest into 10 coins. However, I am missing the price predictions from the Investor plan. Something that gave me confidence with the 10 coins I held.

In my circumstance, I’m not too confident in staking ten of thousands. Something I feel I’d have to do to personally justify a full Investor plan. However, I’m stuck in a place where I feel the HODLer plan doesn’t offer me the level of insight or confidence into those 10 coins as a long term investor. Say for example a 1k portfolio HODLer who wants to occasionally check the security of their investments with price predictions to support their indicies potfolio.

My amateur suggestion would be to open up price predictions for 10 coins that a HODL uses linked to indices. So instead of analysing price predictions and looking for the next big coin, a HODLer can keep track of what they already have. I think it would be a solid HODLer toolset and open up desires to move onto the Investor plan from experiencing the limited feature.

Obviously there is value in upgrading to the investor plan as a tool. But for me, I don’t feel like I fit on any of the plans. At the same time, I appreciate how complicated this could be and how some may take advantage. But I thought I would share my individual experience.

Keep it up and a big fan,


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@Croftyness an approach you might like to consider is to observe performance of the indices for a few days/weeks/months/quarters (whatever suits you) to determine whether or not the performance is acceptable to you before you invest your fiat/crypto in the index.

Jason has the right idea I think. At this time our features and plans are pretty set where they are, but I do believe that there’s still lots of value involved in the HODLer plan even without the price predictions.