Feedback re Token Metrics memberships?

Dear TM Community,
I am considering to become a ‘paying’ member of the TM community.
Would anyone be so kind as to share their personal experience with me?
Did they find joining TM on one of the 3 plans to be worthwhile etc?
Thanks in advance for your kind feedback.
Stay safe!

I’ll chime in as a new (~1 month old subscriber). The fee for the investor and proffessional tiers seems daunting but I have no regret in signing on for a yearlong investor sub. Because dip + TM, I will make enough from trades on tokens the TM folks have turned me on to (nano, alcx, at the moment) to pay for the yearlong subscription later this month. The price prediction is handy, I dig the indicies (but am not using them that much yet), but I really just value the video/podcast content they are pumping out. The analysis is just so high level and I’m just so happy to support the team—deep analysis that sits outside the hype cycles—given all the noise on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter.

I’d think of the membership as investing in your education versus spending potential trading capital. :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback kind Sir. I was beginning to think that no-one had an opinion which can also lead to doubt :wink:

I’m really happy to hear you say the “analysis is just so high level” - I subscribe to all of the noise on Twitter and absorb loads of content from the crypto YouTubers.
However, I am looking for further insight which enables me to get in to certain coins even earlier.

I will try the weeks trial and take it from there but again, thanks for taking the time to offer your valued feedback.

Stay safe and keep winning… :ok_hand::money_mouth_face:JPM

However, I am looking for further insight which enables me to get in to certain coins even earlier.

Good luck! Hopefully you’ll have a similar experience to mine, I didn’t even mention the daily PDF reports, a stack of which I have queued for reading today (to catch up). Membership just gives you a lot of material to work through. I will so pay for high signal to noise ratio on the 2021 internet :slight_smile:

I’ve employed lowed cap weekly quants into a DCA strategy was pretty much doubling weekly infront of my eyes. If you can adapt the tool to strategy/bots it can be good.

TM lead my onto SNX, Matic and AAVE yearly in the early days. However that was the start of the bull run so might fall into the “chuck a dart” effect.

Honestly, I’ve stopped using TM ratings even though I have the yearly.
Lately (pre dump) the quants have been poor. Although increased stable coin allocation can be interesting to indicate overextension.
That being said, the qaunt is strange… you have to watch it and come to your own conclusions. Like the above example, I think money is better spent investing into yourself, risk metric analysis or newsletters. You should be able to spot overextension without a tool like this. Good, bad, terrible and the %s are so abstract and ever changing.

The website structure is unfinished and spread thin. All this random non working trash like socials, portfolios, videos discussions etc.

Trading strategies are useless. If you take something like AAVE it literally buys the top and sells the dip. Pretty much every strategy will lose VS HODL waste your time and tax you out. I don’t know why it’s shilled.

TM TV I’ve got value out of along with code reviews which are great. ++

Tbh you can get everything pretty much on their youtube now. In my personal experience, I don’t feel the website gives you an edge compared to just getting a little better at Crypto.

The price predictions are like a volatile moving average. Similar to the quants… I don’t think this is a predictive tool.

Then again, to a newcomer, everything can provide a good initial direction especially with portfolio distributions. Anything value investor will probably do you well.

Been on the investor plan since November. There have been some good services (Indices, regular emails, market updates) that I consider very valuable but there has been a series of bugs and issues that have added up over time causing extreme frustration.
Sometimes the indices stop working or don’t update on the scheduled time, the videos on tokenmetrics TV become unviewable (unable to log in on mobile) and of course the fact that I have not been receiving any of the regular emails since the start of March. Even after communication with multiple support members no one has been able to figure out what the issue is.

I’d proceed with caution