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With the metric indices, we are given a portfolio weighting with 10 coins. Imagine if there was a utility tool where you can insert an investment amount and it calculates your distribution value per coin. I do this anyway with my docs, but it would be nice if the preview happened on the site. For example, if you set your portfolio target and switched time horizons, the utility would update itself.

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Great idea, and it sounds similar to what has been suggested here:

Cryptogamer also just made a similar request on the Telegram.

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Hello, thanks for sharing the feedback. Yes that’s a popular feature request. Unfortunately we are not able to take customized input from our users to generate personalized indices as that would make us a investment adviser and have to be regulated as one. As a result we can only provide non-personalized indices. We are always open to feedback and welcome any further input.


Hey Ian

With the Quant grade will crypto.com and coinbase exchanges be in the list to choose from?