Favorite staking altcoins?

Whats your favorite staking altcoins ? Please let us know why ?

Mine is Tezos, Cosmos, ICX, Vechain, Wanchain

My favorite future staking coins is ETH, ADA, MATIC NETWORK, ONE



My favorite is ALGO. Automatically get staking rewards once you deposit you coins in the ALGO wallet. No need to do anything.

I feel ETH will be big due to its already huge network effects. I’d like to one day begin staking some of these tokens mentioned above, but still haven’t gotten over the crash from all time highs in Crypto markets in general. It defeats the purpose of holding on to a coin to stake it when it falls 70% to 90%. PIVX, a privacy coin, used to be one of my favorites, until the market dropped.

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My favorite staking coins are

  1. XTZ. - 7%
  2. ATOM - 10%
  3. ICX - 16%
  4. ALGO - 6%
  5. CRO - 16%
  6. ERD - 31%
  7. FET - 10%
  8. ONE - (Staking not available yet)
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Mine are:
Wanchain and Icx

No others at this point, but looking forward to $eth staking where I keep the bulk of my allocation to crypto.

I do/did have vechain, neo and ontology. But I don’t like that they produce a sub token. I rather collect the main coin directly. That you have to transfer the sub token and buy the coin is not friendly imo.

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I don’t think either ETH, ADA, MATIC NETWORK or ONE have implemented staking yet. Would be interested to get the Token Metrics team opinion on ONE since I remember them visiting their team a while back. I wonder if they still believe strongly in this project or whether they have changed their mind now…

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To do ADA staking you needed to have your coins when testnet launched if I recall correctly. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yeah they are on testnet still since last year I believe. They will / should launch staking this year. I guess it is a (slow) race between them and ETHEREUM

ICX - 15% stacking rewards.
Tezos- 7% stacking rewards and it’s one of the top 10 crypto currencies.
Atom- 10% stacking rewards.

INSTAR which offers traditional Staking Rewards in addition to “Stake for SaaS” that provides free access to enterprise grade survey software powered by blockchain :slight_smile:

Imagine being able to use Qualtrics (recently acquired by SAP for $8B) or SurveyMonkey ($3B+ market cap) without needing to pay monthly. Instead of paying for traditional survey builders that don’t offer one-time encryption or cryptocurrency micropayments – market researchers are able to use the software for free by staking refundable collateral AND receive staking rewards paid each day.

More on INSTAR Staking Rewards with free survey software access: https://blog.instars.com/instar-staking-rewards-are-live/

I’m currently staking Matic Network at the moment, so that would be my personal favorite at the moment.