ETH to overtake BTC in price

Many believe that DE-FI (Decentralized-finace) will overtake the cryptocurrency space and that the Ethereum will surpass BTC in price. What are your thoughts?

Very possible but also very unlikely.

I think it might be better to look at things in terms of which crypto is going to provide me with a better return on my money instead of whether or not ETH will surpass BTC in price.

And with that being said, it’s perhaps more probable that ETH will provide you with a better return on your initial investment than BTC.


I think, it’s possible for ETH to overtake BTC.

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I agree with your thought on this one. I think it is possible for etherium to over take BTC in market cap but not price simply because etherium has a bigger circulating supply. It will also depend on how effectively those innovations integrate on the etherium network and the legal issues surrounding them

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Gotcha! Not price but marketcap. :rocket:

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I agree ETH has a great value in it at this point. :rocket:

ETH might become Minister. But in my opinion, Bitcoin will always be the KING.

KING stays at the king’s place no matter what. :metal:

Might be…The biggest threat to Bitcoin remains Bitcoin itself, with the continuing creep of government regulation and the ongoing tag of financial crime driving market behaviours. Ether has the advantage of being associated with Ethereum, and Ethereum does what Bitcoin cannot do


ETH will never overtake Bitcoin in Marketcap because Bitcoin will become Digital GOLD after Halving. With the likes of DEFI, Ethereum could easily secure second spot in crypto space.

But in terms of ROI, ETH will have more ROI than Bitcoin.